Release is coming


7 mounth ago I (Komizart) and awesome artist Denorelli started interesting project names “Let islands jump”. It was small puzzle flash game about islands and sheeps. It was good game, people in DevGamm 2014 love it.

Sweet update

Hi, guys!

We want to share some good news with you. The development of Toffyto Rotato continues! We didn’t give up on the project, it’s exactly the opposite, now we are devoting all our time to the game to bring you the great and fun experience!character-evolution-final

Good morning and die


Waking up in room, you find yourself in a strange survival experiment. The room is just one of the blocks that will be moved and replaced. You have 13 minutes to go through 48 levels of the experiment. Then you’ll be free. Maybe free.

Paint land


Tactical game with the need to make decisions quickly. You play as a multicolored paint.
Your world and captures the black paint. You need to bring ink droplets to the elevatorin the end of the level. The game has 15 levels and 4 bosses.