Sweet update

Hi, guys!

We want to share some good news with you. The development of Toffyto Rotato continues! We didn’t give up on the project, it’s exactly the opposite, now we are devoting all our time to the game to bring you the great and fun experience!character-evolution-final

Without searching some additional money incomes to pay our bills and not worrying about funds we need for a living, we will be able to spend much more time on our cute little candy loving monster. This became possible thanks to one man who decided to take over the financial component of the project. Moreover, the entire development team has changed. On Toffyto Rotato are now working our ideological mastermind, game designer and programmer Victor, it is also supported by the amazing artist Irina, the truly talented designer Denis helps with animations and elements of the world, my close friend Armen works on the overall project management and financial aspects and finally me, Stas, responsible for marketing, community and some game design stuff.

Along with changes in the team, Toffyto Rotato has also transformed in a huge way! We have not only revised the concept of the game, but also radically refined the visual component. The basic mechanics with level rotation remained untouched, but we’ve put a lot of effort to make the controls much simpler and logical: no more joysticks on the touchscreen, now only intuitive gestures. In addition, the appearance of our main character has also been redone, to let you have fun with a more attractive and funnier creature. We hope you’ll enjoy Toffyto Rotato as much as we do and for a better comparison please check out the evolution of our protagonist.

Stay tuned, your candy loving Toffyto Rotato team