Toffyto rotato: new life

Hi, folks!

We would like to give you some update about Toffyto Rotato game. Seems like we haven’t really told you that much about our game, so probably it’s the right time to do so.


psss… this is not game version of mc. This is joke of our artist:)

It’s a platform game, but it’s quite unique platformer because of the main mechanics. You can rotate the world to move Toffy, our cute character, who likes sweets very much and really wants to get that big and tasty candy at the end of the levels.

Our game began with a small prototype. Фото 01.07.14, 12 52 22

At that time we didn’t have any technical mechanisms inside the levels, but to make the game more dynamic we’ve started to think, how can we transform Toffyto Rotato, without changing it too drastically, but still adding some elements to make it even more fun to play.

And we found a solution. We’ve expanded and changed the world of the game and come up with our own evil mastermind Doctor, who wants to create the tastiest chemically modified sweets in the world to rule all the kids. He is testing a lot of candies, cakes, ice creams and other goodies on pets at his laboratory everyday. And in this laboratory there’re lot of different mechanisms as well as various different rooms with their own main test object. мир-морожного_4 скетч-для-мира-газировки

Like that, our main character became one of the Doctor’s pets. It was very unpleasant time, because he stayed at the control group and didn’t have a chance to taste those wonderful sweets. But one day he had found a way to escape from a cage to finally get the candy he wanted for such a long time.

fruit_1So, welcome to game site , facebook and twitter

All sweets!