Release is coming


7 mounth ago I (Komizart) and awesome artist Denorelli started interesting project names “Let islands jump”. It was small puzzle flash game about islands and sheeps. It was good game, people in DevGamm 2014 love it.

Sweet update

Hi, guys!

We want to share some good news with you. The development of Toffyto Rotato continues! We didn’t give up on the project, it’s exactly the opposite, now we are devoting all our time to the game to bring you the great and fun experience!character-evolution-final

JRPG: first screen

Hi all!

Now we continue our big project of turn based game. This is JRPG in steampunk style. Do you like steampunk? We like it! Steampunk, teslapunk, dieselpunk are awesome things. And here the one screen of alpha version.


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