So, what we do and what next?

for last 7 month Onegoodgame studio is the studio of one man – Komizart. But I am not a superman(it’s a pity). I have many friends and I work with them on two supermegaawesome games

And here they are: Toffyto Rotato – super sweet platformer for mobile platforms (facebook group).and new extra hard game Divide by sheep for steam ( YEAH!! ) and mobile.


You can read about Toffyto Rotato from prev posts and now I say few words about Divide by sheep.


This is very hard mathematicgame with casual art and with humor from Happy tree friends. You must throw sheeps, wolfs and others from island to island and then to finish. First version was made in 1.5-2 weeks and it was great. We showed it on DevGAMM and people fell in love with our game. We was very happy and decided to develop it for steam. You can see small video here and write something here

So, stay tuned, write comments and ask us about something.